Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Turquoise Turquoise

A lovely stone, Turquoise is one of the most recognized semiprecious gemstones in existence. It is considerably softer than Quartz and therefore is usually treated in some way for stability.It occurs naturally in shades ranging from sky blue to grey-green. The color variations are caused by the quantities of copper, iron or chromium in the soil. Different colors come from different regions and states. Turquoise is a beautiful and wonderful stone to work with and here are a few of my favorite pieces.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Costa Rica

I haven't written in awhile and I'm going through withdrawals because I haven't stepped foot in my studio in over a week. On the good side however, I am thoroughly enjoying myself in beautiful Costa Rica. While my son was on his fourth dive, I took the opportunity this morning to check out some of the local shops in the nearby town, as I always do when I travel. I love to just feel and soak in the local customs, colors and fibers of anywhere foreign and this place has plenty. I have found some wonderful beads and silver components I can't wait to use in future designs and I have gone crazy with the interesting and beautiful shells and beach glass I've been finding on my many beach strolls. So, stay tuned and I'll be back. And oh yah, that's my son Tanner. Besides diving, his favorite past times are fishing and swinging from palm trees.
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