Monday, August 30, 2010

Minun uusi pyora (My new bike)

My son Justin has been in Finland for nearly four weeks on a work/study program through Cal Poly State University. Putting aside my I-miss-him-terribly moments, this experience so far has been beyond wonderful for him. Upon arrival and settling into his apartment with his roommates, they were all given bikes to use as their mode of transportation. For his first week of instruction, they took a week long "field trip" up into the Lapland reagon and Oulanka National Park, where they backpacked, saw the Northern Lights, Raindeer and just plain beauty and solitude. What a way to begin his experience!

This is his group and Justin is at center back

Crossing the Atctic Circle

This was the furthest North Justin has ever been and already nights got to freezing (in August)-understandably not a place to visit in the winter. Quite a culture shock for a college surf dude living in Southern California!

Now that he's back at his school (taking 15 units), he's been trying to at least learn the basics of the Finish language as there is nothing similar about it and English. The area is beautiful and now that August is almost over, they say so is Summer. Let the cold begin....
More to come

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Brilliant Sparkly Crystals

Brilliant crystals in a variety of shapes-diamond, bicone, rondell-are beaded onto sturdy elastic cord. The colors have a fall feeling (greens, golds, purple). This bracelet is for a thinner wrist, as it is 6 1/2" around. It really sparkles and is sure to turn heads.
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