Monday, July 26, 2010

Time to Eat

When it's time to eat, there is no shortage of choices. If you want McDonalds, there's McDonalds with a Thai twist. If you want Starbucks, they have those too. But what we love most are what they call "fresh BBQ"...and fresh it is. Everything of a fish-nature is caught that day, then beautifully displayed on ice with free samples to entice even the pickiest eater as you stroll by. Everyone wants you to try their restaurant and it seems there are a bazzilion of then, but we found one we really liked and ate there probably four times. This is their sign:

Not only was their food wonderful, but where elce can you get fresh Jumbo Prawn, lobster, blue crab or Australian fillet, for around $11.00!
Check out the Crab Kabobs....YUM!!

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