Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reflection and Inspiration

I was just reflecting on a trip we took in 2006 to Italy. We rented this villa in Tuscany and it was one of the most wonderful things we ever did. We will do it again someday....
But in looking at my pictures, I also remember how much inspiration I get from our trips around the world. Every creative endeavor requires some sort of inspiration to fuel the process, and it can arrive at any time and in any form-a person, nature, music, a favorite place or a new place. The road between an idea and a finished piece is a winding one that starts and stops, changes direction, and may not even resemble the original thought at the end. But it's really about the journey.
So surround yourself with the beautiful, with interesting things and places. Then watch your creativity flow.
May you have a wonderful today and even better tomorrow. Happy New Years!


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