Sunday, November 6, 2011


The name Jasper means 'spotted stone'. It is generally an opaque stone which can be found in many colors including red, brown, pink, yellow, green, grey, white and shades of blue and purple. Jasper stones are usually multi colored, striped or spotted and the color of the stone depends on the type of mineral that permeates the rock.
There are many myths and legends that surround jasper, due to its popularity spanning many centuries.
'Flower' Jasper is said to lift spirits, soothe a broken heart (by activating the heart chakra) and help one break out of depression. It is also claimed that Jasper is known to sustain and support in times of stress. Some say it gives you the courage to speak out and the bravery to achieve personal independence. This stone also aids in quick-thinking, promotes organizational abilities, and sees projects through. A powerhouse of a gemstone, jasper is said to stimulate the imagination and transform ideas into actions.
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