Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Claude Monet's Giverney

Well, we're here around 12:30 PM yesterday. Our loft is a small studio-type loft on the fourth floor of the building, up literally 72 stairs of a long, wooden spiral staircase. The view from the windows looks out over the rooftops in the area.

I tried to stay up as long as I could, but literally fell into bed at 4:00 PM and woke up at midnight ready to go.....So, now I'm sitting here at 2:00 AM writing this.

****Flash forward to the next day****

Our first official day out and about, we hopped the first morning train from Paris to Giverney, the home of Claude Monet.

Leaning on the balustrade of the veranda, while taking in the view and smells of the gardens, it was impossible not to smile. Beauty was everywhere I looked.


The balance of the whole flower garden rested on this central avenue and everything was designed around this main path. Wherever he stood, Monet had to be able to see the whole planted area.

While the garden is a masterpiece, the famous water-lily pond, weeping willows and Japanese bridge was a dream of Monets from the very start and took many years to construct. During summer, the arbor over the bridge is covered with purple whisteria.
****More of Paris tomorrow so stay tuned****




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