Monday, June 21, 2010

Foot Stomping Tantrum

Ok, so I came down this morning and the birds were making their usual "I'm hungry" grunt. In addition, they were literally stomping their feet...much like a child having a temper tantrum. It was absolutely halarious! So they promptly ate two chicks each, then were completely happy. To this point they pretty much stand flat footed, so this morning I introduced them to a tree branch. Balance is something they definately need to work on, but they were interested.
Their growth and development is so rapid and we can't get enough pictures. One wonderful thing about Barn Owls is that they don't imprint, so we can love, hold and be very hands on. Then once they're released, they forget it all.
Here's the latest photo op of Bill and Bob. By the way, Bill and Bob could actually be Billy and Bobette, as it's nearly impossible to tell at this age. But at this point, they just seem to match their guy names!

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  1. My daughters and I are enjoying your updates on these guys8) Thanks for sharing!


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