Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Babies Are Almost Grown Up!

The boys are now about 8 weeks old. Every day, their looks change as they shed the fuzz and get their feathers. As the feathers thicken, their spots are now showing. We still call them punk birds because they still have fuzzy down on the tops of their heads, but it probably won't be long before that is gone too.
They practice flapping their wings alot. They can now do "soft" landings from their stick or from a table and we often hear them jumping around in their large box.
My guess is we won't have them too much longer, as they will be ready for the flight cage where they will spend about a month before being released.
We leave on vacation for Thailand July 12, so it will definitely be before then. When we return on the 28th, We will get to see them be released. That will be bittersweet, as we have grown very attached to these gorgeous creatures. Barn owls do not imprint, so our closeness will be a memory only in our minds, but a lovely one!


  1. I've been hooked on "eagle cam" for weeks now. I'm totally fascinated and enamoured with them, and I can't imagine how you're going to feel when you have to part with your little cuties. I know you'll be proud that you've helped them along with their journey in life, and I'm equally sure they'll take a little piece of your heart with them when they go ...

  2. It will be a big part of my heart. They are so snuggly and wonderful. It's hard to believe they are actually wild animals. With most birds and animals you aren't supposed to hold them, pet them or even let them see your face. Thank goodness that's not the case with Barn Owls. I can't imagine not loving them as we are the only parents they've ever known.

  3. The love and respect you have for these beautiful wild creatures is so heartwarming, and your inner strength to set them free to lead the lives they were meant to live is inspiring ...


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