Friday, June 18, 2010

Growing So Fast!!

Every morning when I come downstairs, as soon as I say "Good morning boys", they start grunting, making their hungry sound. We have been able to count five distinct sounds: grunting (hungry), trilling (content, just because), laughing (only when a piece of food is in their mouth), chattering (when grooming each other), and hissing (which is halerious because it sounds like a broken toilet).
These birds have such amazing personalities. We adore them and even though their visit will be short, it's such a joy knowing this rehab will enable them to return to their natural environment.


  1. How wonderful that you're helping these little guys return to the wild!

    I've been watching the live feed of the eagles of Hornby Island on
    It's positively fascinating watching these majestic creatures, as it must be for you to watch your owls.

    Isn't nature wonderful?

  2. I think it's just wonderful what you are doing to help these birds.I would imagine that it gives you a great sense of satisfaction knowing they will be able to return to their own environment.


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