Friday, July 6, 2012

Contadora Days 3 and 4

Tanner did two dives today-that's him in the red shirt getting on the boat. Others on the dives included a family from Arizona that we hung out with the night before. The great thing about traveling is you always meet like minded folks with that commonality you get from fellow travelers. It makes for much fun and interesting conversation.

I have really enjoyed hanging with my son...when he's not disagreeing with "mom", he's an absolute delight! Being the social butterfly he has always been since a very young age, we have enjoyed the company of quite a few new friends...various island gals who just love this blonde kid from California and a fellow named Craig from Illinois doing a summer internship for college. Here they all are:

Dinner with Craig and his friend

Eylyn and Elizabeth

Playing with and saying goodbye to Stinkalay

All-in-all this island is beautiful. The people are warm and friendly, the scenery is lovely and the beaches are perfect for sunning, strolling or just doing nothing.
This afternoon we are hopping back onto the ferry back to Panama City. See you there....

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