Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day Two in Contadora

Tanner and I explored the island today by scooter and stumbled across this beautiful secluded little beach called Playa Ejecutiva. As we rode around, we discovered our little island had some not-so-little homes...probably owned by wealthy Panama City folks in need of a quick weekend get-away.

                                                 Not-So-Small home
                            Tanner and his scooter...the perfect way to get around

We are staying at the Hotel Geralds. This a quaint little hotel owned by a nice German couple with only eight guest  rooms. Their open air restaurant is the best on the island. One of the "guests" here is a four month old baby deer that was abandoned by its mother at two weeks old. His name is Stinkalay and he thinks of himself as one of the family's pet dogs. Tanner is ready to take him home in his suitcase. Here he is giving deer kisses....
This is where three of the Survivor shows were filmed...Survivor Panama, Survivor Pearl Islands and Survivor All Stars. The players were actually on other small islands but the crew and booted off survivors stayed at either Hotel Punta Galeon or the Hotel Contadora. After getting the scoop from numerous locals, the Hotel Contadora is quite a story in and of itself that I will reserve for a future post.

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