Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Panama On My Birthday

OK, so I won't date myself, or rather just don't want to be reminded, but today is my birthday and our second full day in Panama. Tanner came along on this trip. Last year he was bummed because he wanted to dive, so this year he gets his wish. After arriving Sunday evening in Panama City, we took a stroll on the Canal waterfront, had a nice fish dinner, then put our tired bodies to bed.
After an early rise the next morning, we hopped the ferry to the island of Contadora, one of the many Pearl Islands. It's beautiful here, very tropical, not a whole lot to do, but extremely relaxing, which is just what we hoped for.
                                  Contadora..........Tanner and a Pelican friend
Each day in the late afternoon when all the little fishermen and their boats come in, they sell their catch to the local restaurants and any locals who happen to be around. Our German friend who we met yesterday bought 3 pounds of the most incredible prawns for...are you ready?...$12.00. He had our hotel restaurant cook them up in garlic butter for us all....us three, him and another couple we met from San Diego. What a feast! Panamanian beer, shrimp and good conversation until midnight!
This morning we saw our friend off back to Panama City from the little air strip near our hotel. As I write this, Mike and Tanner are off exploring the island on scooters...just kind of a fun day.
Till next time, stay tuned....

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