Friday, July 13, 2012

Manana Madera Coffee Estate

The main house and guest suite

As I sit here, comfortable on the nice leather love seat in our guest suite at the Manana Madera Coffee Estate in Boquete, I watch an impressive show of lightening and thunder outside. Even though it is our summer, Panama is in the Southern Hemisphere, so it is actually their winter. Our weather to this point has been quite warm and humid. We are however at a 5000 ft elevation here. Even though there is more rain this time of year, the year round temperature stays between 70 to 80 degrees....fabulous. What's amazing is up here on the coffee plantation is we see pine trees growing next to banana trees, and the coffee, oh the coffee....just the right mix of elevation and temperature to make Randy's boutique blend one of the top in the region. He just roasted today and I have stuffed three wonderful pounds in my suitcase to bring home.

Even though Chubs, the residant pooch has a nice big covered porch to seek shelter, he is outside our big sliding doors, looking in with those soulful eyes. Mike says he's a mans dog and he is ready to take him home with us as well. Chubs greeted us when we arrived as if to say "nice to see you again...where have you been?" We were here this same time last year. Since then Randy, the owner has built a 2nd guest suite exactly like the other one, and he has opened it to us, even though this was a blank week for him since his son is visiting him from San Diego. We are honored and consider him a good friend. This is our 2nd day here and we've had some great visiting and conversation. It will certainly be hard to leave.

Welcome back greetings from Chubs

Randy harvests his beans when they turn deep red. They are shelled and bagged in burlap and are stored in a dark area for three months. They are then sorted and processed.

Living area of our guest suite


Once again, our stay here was wonderful. We look forward to another visit sometime in the future.

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