Friday, July 5, 2013

Coffee and Spice

Munduk is a villiage among plantations of coffee and cloves. While in this area, we visited one coffee plantation. The young man who showed us around pointed out just about every type of coffee and spice plant imaginable. The coffee grown here is Arabica. Their exotic coffee is the Civet Arabica. What makes it unique is the Civet animal, which looks similar to a possum only black, eats the wild coffee beans then passes them through its digestive system. The poop is then gathered, the beans are retreaved and hand roasted. It is said this is the reason for its robust and unique

                                                                    The Civet

                  Civet poop (top right) - roasted beans to the left - various spices grown there (front)

                                                                   The Cocoa Tree

Inside of Cocoa Bean

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