Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sensi Paradise Resort, Koh Tao

I've finally found it: my luxury jungle. So I sway in my hammock, linger over wonderful fish and prawn and relish the breeze that whips off the water, taking with it my cares.
The Sensi Paradise Beach Resort on the Western side of Koh Tao, lies on the quiet end of the island's longest beach, Mae Haad Beach. It is an unobtrusive masterpiece of luxurious, tranquil living that is perfectly blended with the natural beauty of its environment.

                      This far out in the clear, warm water, I was only calf deep looking back at our resort.

                                                 Our first night eating dinner at the restaurant

Mae Haad is the port town where the piers are located and where we came in on the ferry. There is a definite feel of the local Thai lifestyle here....lots of shops, restaurants, massage salons and dive shops. When we were here three years ago, Tanner got his PADI Rescue Dive certification here at his favorite dive shop Master Divers. When I stepped in, they remembered him, as they don't see too many 16 year olds get their Rescue Dive license.
One thing we also love is the street food vendors you find in all island towns. The most wonderful satay, kabobs and fresh fruit shakes will set you back .50 to $1.50....can't beat it...delicious for next-to-nothing.

Fresh Veggies and Chicken Kabobs

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