Sunday, July 14, 2013

Good Time Samui

We're back!
Chaweng is the longest and most famous beach on the island of Koh Samui. With very smooth, white sand and clear, warm water, this is the beach and town we come back to each time we come to Thailand.

One of the things we love are the beach food vendors. They set up anywhere on the beach and provide just about everything--fresh fruit, banana pancakes, satay and vegetable skewers. They carry all of this in two baskets on either end of a long pole. Once set up, everything has a purpose, including the pole as an umbrella stand.
The town of Chaweng is fun and full of life. It's full of shops, restaurants, massage parlors, hotels and people. The town really comes alive at night and most everything is open until 10:00 PM or midnight. We couldn't come here again without going to one of my favorite little stalls with the most fabulous string lights made out of cool materials such as died lacy leaves made into flowers and silk worm coccoons. The owner is Poo, another friend who we've known since coming to Samui the first time in 2000.

                                              We ate dinner tonight at our favorite "Sydney BBQ" where all the fresh catch of the day plus fresh veggies are on ice for you to choose what you want and they cook it up for you.....yum

Check out the shark

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