Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just Spectacular

Passing through unspoiled villages and natural rice terraces, we enjoyed the spectacular scenery of Bali. A little Balinese gentleman by the name of Teko knew exactly where to take us. He was our guide for the day.
First stop was Taman Ayun Temple, a World Heritage Site built in 1624.

From there we climbed up through mountain villages to view the spectacular rice paddies formed in terraces. To watch the people at work and what they go through three times a year during rice harvest was amazing.

On to the mountain village of Bedugul with its breathtaking view of Lake Beratan. On the shore of the lake is Ulun Danu Temple.

The Balinese love for ritual and art is brilliantly combined in their extravagant temples. Everywhere you go-temples, on the side of the roads, car dashboards, sidewalks and every home, shop and hotels-are delicate offerings which are necessary to maintain the cosmic balance of the Balinese world.  Some are simple, some elaborite; all have the same meaning-love and energy from the heart.

                                              Mike and our guide Teko sharing a good laugh

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  1. Beautiful. You write very well. I feel almost as if I am there. What an adventure!


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