Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"Le Refuge", Home Away From Home

Our home "Le Refuge" is located in the little valley right below the hill town village of Menerbes.

Village of Menerbes

This house served as a refuge for the French resistance, and even though it is only a 5 minute drive from the beautiful village of Menerbes, it feels like I am in a lost valley and the cares of the world are far away.
The house is literally built into the the rock and faces south to the sun. The extraordinary overhang of the rock is quite impressive and serves as a wind break during the mistrals.
We arrived at Le Refuge after walking past Maries house, then through an arch into a beautiful little courtyard.
Downstairs is the living area with kitchen, fireplace, internet and bath, and the bedroom is upstairs.

Her main house and barn were built in 1769. When the owner Marie, bought the property nearly 40 years ago, it was little more than an old stone shell in ruins, having been abandoned for 100 years. Our little refuge was added about 15 years ago. The photo above shows it to the left of the barn.
A view of Maries house from ours

Maries home from the back. She's a fabulous gardener and all her flowers are ready to bloom.
It's been fun playing catch up with Marie and she enjoys practicing her English.


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