Thursday, April 23, 2015

Our Quintesential Provence

In Provence, the small pleasures receive their due with an absence of rush. There is room to breathe and the air is clean. The texture of our daily life here has shown us the true character of Provence.....

The outdoor French cafĂ© culture is wonderful. We love just sitting for awhile with a cup of coffee for the chance to people watch.

The Boulangerie is enticing with its warm, buttery smells....nothing beats the daily fresh baguette.
The markets have visual charm, color, noises and unique smells. There is no such thing as a non market day in Provence.

Taste test the cheeses, sausage, jams, honey....

Biking appears to be a way of life. They are everywhere...the countryside, hill town villages, even Mont Ventoux--perhaps training for the Tour de France.

Everywhere you go, there are fields, on trees, window boxes, at the markets....
And of course, Lavender

Our favorite little French Citroen that just has Provence written all over it.
I think here, there is a strong importance attached to just enjoying life. To take time for oneself, indulge and relax has been our motto for this trip and this is truly the place to achieve that.


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